Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Has It Been That Long Already???

Jedd reminded me last night that I have not updated my blog in a whole month. Wow. Has it been that long already? The past month was certainly an eventful one. There was Evan's Wedding, Preparation for Lijiang Trip, the actual trip, the BIG Move to EXPO and then the SM2 camp. I then enjoyed a whole day of fun at SparksC in preparation for Jan camps and then joined some of our tribe people at Block 162 for 2 days of Experiential Learning Training.

Lijiang was a really good trip for me. I learnt much and I hope others learnt from me too. But more importantly, I saw how God orchestrated things for us. I had the great pleasure of having Narash along with me during this trip and enjoyed the time of close discipleship and getting to know him better.

More about my Lijiang experience later. For now, here are some photos.