Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coke and Mentos make a good explosion!

You have to see this for your self to believe it....


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Portraits of Rachel

After Youth service on Sunday, the sun was shining beautifully outside MAX Pavilion and my friend Rachel just happened to be beside me. It was a perfect opportunity to snap away with my camera. Rachel, this is for you. :) Click on the photo to see the whole series of shots.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Touching Triathlon - A Father's love

Found this on Youtube. This video is about a father's love for his son which pushed him to enter the triathlon games even though he's not an athlete....
If a human father can do this for his son, imagine how much more God's love is for us.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

OSIM Triathlon Reflections I

Swimming in the East Coast sea is one interesting experience.
You never know what you might drag out of it...

Last year in May at my church's retreat for leaders, my pastor shared with us on what it means to celebrate the family. He taught something that was extremely significant for me and which I am beginning to appreciate more as I went through the whole process of training for the OSIM Sprint Tri.

That time, Pastor Eugene shared with us the need to celebrate our diversity within the family. It is not good enough that we accept that we are different from each other. We need to recognise that in our differences, we CAN make a difference in each other's lives. Meaning this: I am the better for it because you see things differently, because you do things differently, because you add to my life in that unique way that nobody else can! In our differences, you are ABLE to contribute to my life!

So, what does all these have to do with me joining OSIM? Well, in a big way. You see, triathlons are events that I think only crazy people would go for. At least, I used to think so. The only reason why I signed up was because I had a crazy enough brother who in our differences, was impossibly attracted to this sport. I took up this challenge because I knew I could count on him to guide me through it and to support me in this strange thing which I knew nuts about. And of course, I wanted to experience first hand what was so inducing about this sport.

What an experience it was. I really enjoyed the race. Really. No, REALLY. It was refreshing, challenging and invigorating to say the least. The other day, I sent my brother an sms. It read - "If not for you , I would have never even considered joining something like this. I'm the better for it. Thank you." I am the better for it because I started by believing that in our differences, my brother could contribute to my life in a special and unique way. I never saw it so clearly. It makes the race all the more special. I thank God that He took the pains to orchestrate something like that for me. Someone asked me, "So, next year you are up for the Olympic Distance?" I hesitated a while, but then replied with a confident smile, "Why not?" I am a changed man.

Click the koala for more pics on the action-packed day.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


YES! I did it! What started out as a personal challenge for myself finally became reality as I took to the sands at East Coast Park for the flag off of the OSIM Triathlon 2006. I took part in the Sprint distance comprising a 750m swim in the sea, followed by a 20km cycle and lastly, a 5km run. For the record, I came in in 273rd Position with a total time of 1h 41.58 sec. Not bad for my first try I must say. Here are the detailed timings.

750m Swim: 00:15:19
20km Cycle: 00:53:34
5km Run: 00:33:05
Overall Timing: 01:41:58

Well. it's been a great journey taking part in this race and I really enjoyed the whole process of it, especially the race itself.

I told my brother over sms, "If not for you , I would have never even considered joining something like this. I'm the better for it. Thank you."

I've learnt lots and will share with you my reflections in a moment.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Osim Sprint Triathlon 2006

The day of reckoning is coming.... in 10 hours time. My very first taste of a triathlon. God help me.