Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who said nobody's watching

If you haven't realised already, Youtube has completely revolutionised the entertainment industry, making anyone who owns a digital videocam a possible potential star-in-the-making. Many short videos filmed with a really tiny budget have captured viewer's interest and attention all over the world. Some of these amateurs actors or singers have even gone on to make the jump from being the next hot thing on Youtube to the next hot thing in Hollywood as recording companies and talent agencies now make Youtube their new playground to talent scout. Some of these videos are so popular that their view counts are in the hundreds of thousands(some close to a million!)

I know of friends who used to spend their time on the internet reading blogs. Now they spend their time online reading blogs AND watching Youtube. Who said nobody's watching?

The following are 2 shows that I think are pretty well done and quite funny.

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager

Nobody's Watching

Technically, Nobody's Watching cannot be considered an amateur video as it was created by the writers of Scrubs and Family Guy, both are comedy sitcoms that have enjoyed quite some popularity on the small screen. Still, it's really funny and quite different from any we've seen before.

The rest of the episodes for both shows can easily be accessed in the "Related" column of the respective Youtube pages.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Bible characters brought to life (Singaporean style!)

I never knew that Bible stories could be so interesting. Don't believe me? Take a look at these 2 for yourself. Ha ha. They've even been localised for Singaporeans who only understand Singlish. I think it's really well done. Kudos to the 2 main actors, Anthony and Guanghan. Enjoy. :)

Life of Joshua

Life of David


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Page flakes as we Photosynth

I came across this really interesting site the other day. Basically, it acts like a news aggregator, online bookmark and favourites collection all thrown into one, collecting all the information you want for the web and putting it up in one convenient page for you to easily access. (You can spread your stuff over a few pages if you need to).

Best thing about Pageflakes is that it has a really nice graphic user interface and layout. Actually, come to think of it, it’s much like an online widget desktop, except that the flexibility of it being online means that you can take it everywhere with you if you travel a lot. A plus for those of you who are often out of the country and would appreciate a one-stop place where you can update yourself on home news, weather, email, your favourite websites etc. With internet access pretty widespread nowadays, you can even you this as a backup of your work schedule and contact list in case of any emergencies.

I also find this really useful for projects where people can come in and update stuff and keep updated on schedules, timelines, responsibilities, things to be done etc. You have the choice of creating a personal account with private login or can choose to make it a public account.

If you find this useful, do drop me a comment and let me know.

Another gem that I came across is this experimental visualization tool created by Microsoft Live Labs, called Photosynth. Microsoft Live Labs is an initiative by the computer software giant to bring scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and the online community together to think about and build a better online world. You can read more about their vision for a better online experience in their Manifesto.

More about Photosynth. It is a brilliant piece of software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next.

I’m not quite sure what real world applications it has other than creating a sort of 3D experience but the great thing about this software is that your photos can be of really high resolution and it still loads up very quickly! This allows you to have very good detail in the visualization and enables one to zoom in very closely to each photo to see details.

I wonder if they could mash this up with Picasa and somehow find a way of connecting each of your photo albums in a similar way based on your tags or other customizable parameters. That would be really swell! And of course the graphical and navigational user interface on this piece of work really rocks! I’m impressed. Happy browsing!


Free Hugs!

I thought this was quite meaningful. How often we yearn for someone to come up to us to say, “It’s alright, I still believe in you.” And what better way to say that than with a big warm fuzzy hug?

I actually do think that touch is one of the most communicative ways of showing and expressing love. I don’t mean therefore we should go around touching each other lah. That amounts to molestation! But a healthy pat on the back or an assuring wrap around the shoulder definitely goes a long way to say, “I understand.” or “I’m here for you.” or “You’re doing well, I’m proud of you.” Try it with someone in your family today, especially your parents. They deserve it more than you think they do.

I can’t help but wonder how Singaporeans would take to something like that on the streets. I might be crazy enough to try it one day. But maybe not Orchard Road lah. Start with Expo Hall 9 first. Heh. I trust you will not leave me out in the cold or run away from me if you do see me doing that.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Avatar Ep 37 - Lake Laogai

For those of you who follow the Avatar anime, the latest episode, Ep 37 - Lake Laogai is now available for viewing. Apparently, the guy who puts these episodes up got into some trouble with Youtube for copyright issues. So much so his accounts got shut down 3 times, each time after creating a new one. So catch them on Putfile while you still can. This episode shows some amazing earth-bending. Enjoy!

| Avatar Ep37 - Pt1
| Avatar Ep37 - Pt2 | Avatar Ep37 - Pt3 |

If you enjoy the story so far and want to find out what happened before, the rest of the episodes can be found here.

Littlerain has also put up a fantastic website that includes all you ever wanted to know about this fantastically produced anime. Learn about Aang, his party of adventurers and even the people behind this brilliant piece of work here!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Today's my brother's birthday! Bes, this is specially for you! :)

Want one? Click here.

Bro, just want you to know that you are someone that I respect and look up to very much. You have inspired me to try and go for things that I would normally not even thought possible simply because you paved the way for me by doing it first. And for that, my life is so much more blessed and enriched. I wonder in amazement sometimes, how 2 brothers can be so different yet so similar. It certainly doesn't make it easier to live in the same house but it certainly strengthens us as a family when we decide to work through those differences and even celebrate them!

I know we are far from perfect, though many in church might think so (ha ha, come stay with us for a week and you will know), but I can see that over the past 1-2 years, we have grown in our commitment to learn to trust each other. And that to me is more precious than anything. You are the perfect brother for me and I know this because God never makes mistakes! I see that in many ways we complement each other. I hope that one day maybe we could take part in an adventure race together! That would be interesting!

I bless you with this, that you will continue to allow God to guide you to become the great person that He has created you to be. I pray that you will experience greatness in God the way He has made you to be. May all the desires of your heart become a reality as you choose to delight in Him. Happy Birthday bro! I thank God for you always!


Crab Treat - "A Success!"

We had a great time at the crab outing! I think the guys enjoyed it very much. To Clement who could not make it cos he was celebrating his birthday together with his family: "We missed you! But nevermind. We ate on your behalf! Happy Birthday! Muahahaha!" What a way to celebrate the end of exams and to make a commitment to try harder next hear! Remember guys, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! enjoy the pics!

Click here to download pics.