Saturday, April 15, 2006

Castles In The Air

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Well, what do you know.... I finally have a new set of pics up after a very long time. Yes, my apologies to all who frequently come back to see what's new or to count the spiders that have made my blog their home. I read recently on the net that one of the important things to have a good blog was to update it regularly, like at least 3 times a week. I guess I fail on many counts going by that standard. Ha.

Anyway, what about castles? Well, they remind me of dreams... dreaming castles in the air. Well, while that is a saying which refers more to daydreaming than anything else, DREAMS on the other hand, are quite something else. I'm not talking about those that we have at night where we imagine ourselves as superman flying all over the HDB flats (I do sometimes), but rather those that we have in life.

Many of us have dreams. But few of us dare to chase after these dreams. We think we are not good enough for our dreams. Too stupid, too timid, too small, too powerless, too lazy. After a while, we think, "Nah... dreams are not for me. I'm just good and comfortable the way I am. Let someone else dream." So... what about sandcastles? They are equally fleeting, swept away by the constant beating of the waves. Yet, with the right technique, the right combination of sand, water and pressure, something so minute and small can turn into such a breathtaking piece of art.

Do you have a dream? I dare you to have one today. Why do I have so much confidence in you, you might ask. I don't. But I have confidence in the God who created you, who fashioned you in His image, the one who knew you even before the foundations of the world. Do you know this God? I dare you to know Him today. Only He can make your dreams come through the way they were meant to. He was the one who put them there in the first place. I dare to dream. Because I know my castles are not in the air. They are anchored solid in the one who gave me the dreams. Would you come dream with me?

Joshua Teo