Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mind Your Head

I could hardly stop laughing to myself when I saw this on Jaz's blog. Even when I saw it the 2nd time and 3rd and 4th... I would just end up laughing to myself like some crazy nut. Don't believe how nonsensically hilarious this is? Watch it for yourself.

Caution: Do not drink, chew or swallow while watching this. Your screen will live to suffer. Trust me.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006

As I ponder...

When all i post up on my blogs are Youtube videos, you know I am just too tired to write anything. Ha ha. Well, these are really interesting videos though. So while I take some time to reflect through what has been happening recently and collect my thoughts, enjoy these videos. :)

TVC for new Olympus E500 with extra wide lense

Season Finale of the Avatar (1Hr Special)
Part 2 | Part 3

This song was performed by Christina Aguilera's at the Video Music Awards 2006. While I might not agree with the way she presents herself and the choices she makes in life, this is certainly one talented lady here. I've always been amazed by her voice and the way she communicates emotion through it. And I think this song is really beautifully written too, musically. It keeps ringing in my head so perhaps now it will ring in yours! Ha ha

Christina Aguilera singing Hurt at VMA 2006


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who said nobody's watching

If you haven't realised already, Youtube has completely revolutionised the entertainment industry, making anyone who owns a digital videocam a possible potential star-in-the-making. Many short videos filmed with a really tiny budget have captured viewer's interest and attention all over the world. Some of these amateurs actors or singers have even gone on to make the jump from being the next hot thing on Youtube to the next hot thing in Hollywood as recording companies and talent agencies now make Youtube their new playground to talent scout. Some of these videos are so popular that their view counts are in the hundreds of thousands(some close to a million!)

I know of friends who used to spend their time on the internet reading blogs. Now they spend their time online reading blogs AND watching Youtube. Who said nobody's watching?

The following are 2 shows that I think are pretty well done and quite funny.

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager

Nobody's Watching

Technically, Nobody's Watching cannot be considered an amateur video as it was created by the writers of Scrubs and Family Guy, both are comedy sitcoms that have enjoyed quite some popularity on the small screen. Still, it's really funny and quite different from any we've seen before.

The rest of the episodes for both shows can easily be accessed in the "Related" column of the respective Youtube pages.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Bible characters brought to life (Singaporean style!)

I never knew that Bible stories could be so interesting. Don't believe me? Take a look at these 2 for yourself. Ha ha. They've even been localised for Singaporeans who only understand Singlish. I think it's really well done. Kudos to the 2 main actors, Anthony and Guanghan. Enjoy. :)

Life of Joshua

Life of David


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Page flakes as we Photosynth

I came across this really interesting site the other day. Basically, it acts like a news aggregator, online bookmark and favourites collection all thrown into one, collecting all the information you want for the web and putting it up in one convenient page for you to easily access. (You can spread your stuff over a few pages if you need to).

Best thing about Pageflakes is that it has a really nice graphic user interface and layout. Actually, come to think of it, it’s much like an online widget desktop, except that the flexibility of it being online means that you can take it everywhere with you if you travel a lot. A plus for those of you who are often out of the country and would appreciate a one-stop place where you can update yourself on home news, weather, email, your favourite websites etc. With internet access pretty widespread nowadays, you can even you this as a backup of your work schedule and contact list in case of any emergencies.

I also find this really useful for projects where people can come in and update stuff and keep updated on schedules, timelines, responsibilities, things to be done etc. You have the choice of creating a personal account with private login or can choose to make it a public account.

If you find this useful, do drop me a comment and let me know.

Another gem that I came across is this experimental visualization tool created by Microsoft Live Labs, called Photosynth. Microsoft Live Labs is an initiative by the computer software giant to bring scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and the online community together to think about and build a better online world. You can read more about their vision for a better online experience in their Manifesto.

More about Photosynth. It is a brilliant piece of software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next.

I’m not quite sure what real world applications it has other than creating a sort of 3D experience but the great thing about this software is that your photos can be of really high resolution and it still loads up very quickly! This allows you to have very good detail in the visualization and enables one to zoom in very closely to each photo to see details.

I wonder if they could mash this up with Picasa and somehow find a way of connecting each of your photo albums in a similar way based on your tags or other customizable parameters. That would be really swell! And of course the graphical and navigational user interface on this piece of work really rocks! I’m impressed. Happy browsing!


Free Hugs!

I thought this was quite meaningful. How often we yearn for someone to come up to us to say, “It’s alright, I still believe in you.” And what better way to say that than with a big warm fuzzy hug?

I actually do think that touch is one of the most communicative ways of showing and expressing love. I don’t mean therefore we should go around touching each other lah. That amounts to molestation! But a healthy pat on the back or an assuring wrap around the shoulder definitely goes a long way to say, “I understand.” or “I’m here for you.” or “You’re doing well, I’m proud of you.” Try it with someone in your family today, especially your parents. They deserve it more than you think they do.

I can’t help but wonder how Singaporeans would take to something like that on the streets. I might be crazy enough to try it one day. But maybe not Orchard Road lah. Start with Expo Hall 9 first. Heh. I trust you will not leave me out in the cold or run away from me if you do see me doing that.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Avatar Ep 37 - Lake Laogai

For those of you who follow the Avatar anime, the latest episode, Ep 37 - Lake Laogai is now available for viewing. Apparently, the guy who puts these episodes up got into some trouble with Youtube for copyright issues. So much so his accounts got shut down 3 times, each time after creating a new one. So catch them on Putfile while you still can. This episode shows some amazing earth-bending. Enjoy!

| Avatar Ep37 - Pt1
| Avatar Ep37 - Pt2 | Avatar Ep37 - Pt3 |

If you enjoy the story so far and want to find out what happened before, the rest of the episodes can be found here.

Littlerain has also put up a fantastic website that includes all you ever wanted to know about this fantastically produced anime. Learn about Aang, his party of adventurers and even the people behind this brilliant piece of work here!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Today's my brother's birthday! Bes, this is specially for you! :)

Want one? Click here.

Bro, just want you to know that you are someone that I respect and look up to very much. You have inspired me to try and go for things that I would normally not even thought possible simply because you paved the way for me by doing it first. And for that, my life is so much more blessed and enriched. I wonder in amazement sometimes, how 2 brothers can be so different yet so similar. It certainly doesn't make it easier to live in the same house but it certainly strengthens us as a family when we decide to work through those differences and even celebrate them!

I know we are far from perfect, though many in church might think so (ha ha, come stay with us for a week and you will know), but I can see that over the past 1-2 years, we have grown in our commitment to learn to trust each other. And that to me is more precious than anything. You are the perfect brother for me and I know this because God never makes mistakes! I see that in many ways we complement each other. I hope that one day maybe we could take part in an adventure race together! That would be interesting!

I bless you with this, that you will continue to allow God to guide you to become the great person that He has created you to be. I pray that you will experience greatness in God the way He has made you to be. May all the desires of your heart become a reality as you choose to delight in Him. Happy Birthday bro! I thank God for you always!


Crab Treat - "A Success!"

We had a great time at the crab outing! I think the guys enjoyed it very much. To Clement who could not make it cos he was celebrating his birthday together with his family: "We missed you! But nevermind. We ate on your behalf! Happy Birthday! Muahahaha!" What a way to celebrate the end of exams and to make a commitment to try harder next hear! Remember guys, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! enjoy the pics!

Click here to download pics.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Punkster Repackaged

A good friend of mine took this photo in Japan while doing a little shopping. She thinks I look a lot like that. Ha ha. Well, what can I say? One has to look like a punkster if one wants to be known as punkster. Right? Heh.

Still another close friend took the photo below while on a business trip to spain. Now THAT has got to be the biggest vending machine I have ever seen! This gigantus monster of a machine was spotted at a train station in Barcelona. According to my friend, it sells almost anything you could ever want in the middle of the night when there are no stores opened - Snacks, sweets, drinks, milk, even toothpaste! Now, this must be the 6th time I am re-writing this part of my blog as Firefox 2.0 keeps hanging on me halfway. Don’t believe Mozilla when they say that it should be bug free since it is the final release version. Come one now Mozilla, we expect much better of you than this. I have given up on trying to make it peacefully through one blog entry post and am writing this in Word instead.

Back to the vending bigamachine. You actually pay for your food via an ATM-like counter by the side. Now why don’t we have this in Singapore yet?! We could stock it up full of Twistees, Yam Yams, Collons, Tim Tams, Pokka fruit teas and what not! There could even be magazines (for when you have to wait 30 min for a friend), tissue paper (for those late night emergencies of the bowel kind), and handyplasts! (just in case you bang into a tree due to the poor visibility caused by the haze.) Man, we could even throw in a microwave machine and a freezer compartment for frozen packed food! And since the counter probably receives many loose change, it could double-up as a coin exchange machine too!

Now THAT’S what I call a convenience stall! (do I hear the 7-eleven bosses screaming “Kelong’ already??!) Ha Ha!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Educating the little girl at the window

On the topic of education, one of my tutors on my crit panel suggested I read this book Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window written by Japanese television personality Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. The story is based on Kuroyanagi's real-life childhood experience at Tomoe Gakuen, an alternative elementary school founded by educator Sosaku Kobayashi.

After being expelled from public school, it is at Tomoe Gakuen that Kuroyanagi is allowed to achieve her fullest potential and given the freedom to explore her suroundings and express herself to her heart's content.

Many young students I come into contact with these days don't like school. To them, the notion of learning brings about images of teachers who are there to make their lives miserable. That is definitely not always the case as I know many teacher friends who go out of their way to make learning valuable for their students. The reality is that many of these students, mindsets don't change. And many of these same students continue to go through life without realising even a fraction of the potential that they have within them.

Tomorrow I am having a crab treat for my BTSS tuition students. It's my way of telling them, it's ok if you didn't pass your Math in the end. What's more important is that you tried your best. And I know the four of them did. I am proud of them. We'll try harder next year. So if you guys are reading this, from the bottom of my heart, no matter what results you got, "I still believe in you." :)


Friday, October 27, 2006

Are WE the problem?

How much do you know about Autism? Not much I suppose. Neither did I until I decided to design a School for Autistic Students for my design thesis. I have been reading up some on this topic and the more I find out, the more I am convicted that the notion of a "special school" for autistic students is one that must be CHALLENGED very seriously.

The current notion that autistic people are "special" and hence need to be treated "specially" and have their own "special place" presupposes that anyone who is different should be segregated, and treated differently. We put them in "special schools", give them "special education" and treat them "specially" so that in many ways, we don't have to deal with them. Let the professionals handle them, we say. Put them in a school where they can learn at their own pace so that we too can learn at our own pace and not be bothered by them. While we are at it, let's make them feel so "special" that they will never forget how "special" they are.

Now hold on a minute. I am not saying that we deny their medical condition or pretend that they are the same as the rest of us and hence treat them indifferently. But perhaps as a community, in our enthusiasm (or lack of) to help them, we have decided that the best way to do that would be to contain them in specialised institutions who are trained to deal with them.

Hear me out. WHAT IF, we take it as our responsibility as a humane community, to learn how to live with them? WHAT IF, we learn how to go to school with them, to run in a race with them, to celebrate National Day, Teacher's Day and even Racial Harmony Day with them? WHAT IF, we could learn to appreciate how brilliant some of them could be at mathematics when we attend the same lessons as them? WHAT IF we still learn to help and encourage and make them part of our lives even though they have nothing to offer us in terms of brilliance?

Very often, it is easier to see someone different as inferior, troublesome or a problem. Sometimes, I think WE are the problem. We certainly can't change how they are. How about starting to change how WE are? Autism isn't the problem. Our inability to cope with it is. Let's all learn to do better.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Go Fly A Kite!

I was out with 2 very good buddies for dinner at Orchard yesterday. It was a good time of catching up on each other's lives, ending off with the usual talk about GIRLFRIENDS. Not that I am attached already, but when you reach my age, the topic about whether you have found your partner yet will somehow spring out from every possible corner and grab you whether you expect it or not. For example, our dinner discussion was one that I considered pleasant and affirming cos we decided to talk about it and we actually were affirmed coming out of the conversation.

In other situations, things might not turn out quite the same way. Take for example my Grandfather's birthday 2 nights ago. (Some parts are fabricated. I get to use my imagination on my blog. Ha ha.)

Auntie: "Wah, big boy already ah! Now so handsome already ah! Wah girl (looking at her daughter...) See, kor kor so handsome now! Coooome. Call kor kor!

Me: "Ermm... didn't you just see me like one month ago?"

Auntie: "Ha ha ha. Oooh. Yah hor, but still handsome lah."

Me: "So, I am more handsome than one month ago ah? Wah not bad leh." (things are surprisingly going very positively...)

Auntie: "Ha ha ha. Yah! More handsome now. (But before you know it...) So... Got girlfriend already???"

Me: "Don't have lah. Soon lah soon lah. (Smile shyly...) So where am I sitting ah?"

Ha ha. Ok, I must confess that the part about girlfriend was added in and I am not trying to make fun of my auntie. I do love her. But it is an all together possible situation don't you think??! And at such gatherings of relatives, it might happen up to 3-5 times a night!

I thank God that my brother and me have reached a stage where we are not bothered but such talk. Indeed, like my brother said, "What's the hurry?" Well, true to a certain extent. I guess we are both stable and self-assured enough to know that He who created us will bless at the right time. In the meanwhile, there are other important things in life to focus on.

I remember this illustration that I really appreciate. If 2 people go into a relationship and the nature of that relationship is that of a letter "A", meaning both people leaning and depending heavily on each other with their sole focus on each other, the relationship is unhealthy. When one person is down the other loses the support and crashes too. A healthy relationship should actually reflect the letter "H". This is where both parties lead stable lives and are able to help each other when one is down. Their focus is not so much on each other, but rather on living intentionally and building a stable and healthy life that maximises the potential that one has been blessed with.

At this point in my life, I do think that I am ready for a "H" relationship. But if you are not, then there is much value in waiting and building your life first. From a Christian perspective, take time to grow deep in God and learn how to love Him the way He wants you to. Pray that whoever your future partner is, he/she is taking time to do that too. I've learnt that that is the best thing you can ever do for your relationship - focus on growing into the person that will be the best for your future mate. Well, I guess that makes me pretty eligible doesn't it? Ha ha.

Still on the topic of family gatherings, here's something else that happened.
Cousin: (whispering suspiciously to her brother) "Who is that ah? What is his name ah? Hee hee.."

Dad: "Wah! You mean you don't remember who I am ah?! HOW CAN??! Cannot like that ah. I am Uncle Vincent!

Cousin: "Ah! Yes! Yah hor yah hor."

Dad: "So, where are you schooling now?"

Cousin: (talks briefly about school)

Dad: (to me) "So what is her name ah? I can't remember also."

Me: (to my bro beside me) "Eh, what is her name ah? I know start with 'S' one."

Bro: "Eh... Cindy? (start with S lah!)... Sindy? Shirley? Sherry? Sharlene? Shardonnay? (Start with SSSSSSS Lah!)

Me: "I think Shirleen is it?"

Bro: "Oh yah oh yah. I think it is."

Me: "Eh, you try to test and call her?!"

Bro: (silence)

Me: (messages Cousin 2...) "Eh... ask you ah, Shaun's sister is Shirleen is it?"

Cousin 2: (messages back...)"Aiyo! YAH! You mean you don't know they are brother and sister ah????!"

Me: "...*#$&^&! ...No lah! I know that they are brother and sister! Just want to confirm her name lah."

Cousin 2: "Oooo. Yah. Her name is Shirlyn. Not the way you spelled it."

Me: (loudly so Dad and bro can hear...) "Shirlyn! So are you and your brother in the same school?"

Cousin 1 aka Shirlyn: "Huh???! No lah. Just now we say liao mah. I Bukit Batok, he Bukit View!" (my bro chips in...) "Yah! wah lau eh, never listen properly ah?? So Shirlyn what CCA are you in?"

All Of Us: "GIRLS' BRIGADE LAH!!!! Just now say so many times liao!!!!!!!"

Ha ha ha. Talk about dysfunctional families. We had many good laughs that night. Though, on a more serious note, I did have a chance to talk with my uncle (Shirlyn's father) that night and found out from him that because of work, he is seldom at home with the kids. In fact, the kids are closer to their mother. He doesn't really know how they do in school or what their lives are like. But he provides for them the way he knows how to best. By continuing the business my grandfather started many years ago. Business is affected by the haze but life goes on. Seriously, at that moment, I felt the pain of the father's heart.

My uncle is not very educated and so he understands the value of a good education for his kids and tries his best to give it to them. Even at the cost of the long hours at work. I felt for him cos I know that given a choice, he would want to spend more time knowing his children. And being brought up in a typical chinese family, outwardly expressing one's love is not something done easily. I feel for him. And so I encourage all of you out there whose parents work long hours, appreciate them, cos they do it for you. Make an effort to let them know you appreciate their sacrifice and that you love them dearly.

Back to my dinner outing
with QS and YL. After dinner, we took a walk and ended up at Youth Park where I chanced upon these amazing flying creatures - Kites. Remote-controlled ones that is, with shiny LED lights forming an almost surreal trail wherever they floated, glided, soared.
Seeing it live in action, I hope to learn how to fly one of these someday. It is truely amazing watching them. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the most flexible one being the Pro III.

Click on image to see more clearly

It was truly mesmirising watching these kites take to the air. With practice and more pratice, you can make the Pro III hover, rotate in mid air, nose dive, glide gracefully and doing many other stunts. Here's just an example of what these kites are capable of. You can also find more information at


Friday, October 20, 2006

Mooncake Festival

We had a smashing time organising the Archi Mooncake Festival 2007! Thnks to Hann for agreeing to our crazy idea to pull it off in a week, and for all the help from everyone especially Wen Hui, Keng San, Kelly, Eric and the rest of you whom I don't remember your names but am sincerely grateful. It was definitely a night where my eyes were opened to the GREAT talents we have in archi and id. I was very presently surprised. Great job guys! Here are the photos.

Download the pics HERE.


A Great Black Stallion

Every man/boy/guy/male has got a favourite car. My just happens to be black, sleek, handsome and is able to reach 100km/h in 4.6 secs with a top speed of 306 km/h. Let me introduce you to the breath-taking Audi R8 (road car). It packs a high-revving 420 bhp eight-cylinder engine, which delivers 309 kW (420 bhp) of power output. Peak torque is 430 Newton-metres from 4.500 to 6,000 rpm. Nevermind if you didn't understand what all the meant. Basically, it is one powerful car that looks GORGEOUS!!! This car is a production road car based on the 2003 Audi Le Mans Quattro concept car. Its 'R8' tag is however, inherited from the smashing Audi R8 (race car), a five time Le Mans winner. So, let me introduce you to the car of my dreams...

Check out more photos here. By the way, what you see on top is actually a 3D model from the R8 website, a fantastic example of a great flash site.

As I was saying, this is a DREAM car. I will never want to own it. Firstly, in Singapore, the road tax will kill you. So will the petrol costs and insurance. And if I ever had that much money, I would rather put it to better use. However, it is certainly a fine example of great craftsmanship!

I remember what my pastor taught me, "Live simply, so that others might simply live." Do I want to get all emotionally tangled up with a car? Getting all worked up with someone scratched it or if some careless drive banged into it? Most definitely not, since I know can be so capable of doing so. I would probably end up driving it as a status symbol, feeling all important because of my expensive beautiful car. Is that so wrong, some of you might wonder... Well, if you really think you could settle for you being defined by your material possesions, be my guest.

But I thought I would let you in on something better. You being defined by this person called Jesus who knows you better than you even know yourself, whose definition of you will never change, and hence your worth in Him and to Him will never also. Can I live without the R8? Of course.

Can I live without Jesus? Of course. But why then would life be worth living?


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Settled in

So, the BIG house moving occurred and we are finally more settled into our new home along Marine Parade. I was personally surprised at the amount of stuff I moved compared to my brother. Let's take a look at my new room with boxes, compared with my brother's.


So you see the difference? And that's not even all the boxes I have. Check out part 2 of my luggage in the dining room (now converted to major storeroom).

My brother will tell you that I'm the collector type, like my mum. I choose to think that I keep intelligently for a day where the stuff might come in handy. (There are a few occasions that has happened.) Ha ha. Would you believe me if I told you I still keep my Sec school and JC econs and Geography notes? Hmmm...

Anyway, here are a few more pics of the house in "moved-in" condition.

The toilet I share with my brother.

Our dining room and living room (sofa not in yet).

As I was packing my stuff back into the cupboards, I came across some of my sec school photos and homework that I did. It's funny how all these just seem a little wierd when you read them 10 years later. It certainly brought back some strange memories though. Heh. If you would humour me, I will put some of them up soon. I had a good laugh reading some of my early journal entries to my Sec 1 English school teacher. You probably would to. Ha ha. Reminded me of a time when I was innocent and still very "boy-boy" if you know what I mean.

In other news, Google buys Youtube for 1.65 billion! And there I was thinking, how would Google ever beat Youtube at the online video game? They came in later, have a smaller user base and "Google Video" just doesn't sound as right as "Youtube". Well, there's my answer. "We'll just buy em over!" Looks like critics who call Google the next Microsoft ain't that wrong after all.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Para Para

Ever heard of
para skiing, or para surfing?

Well, here's a new one. Para Manta Raying. Now, THAT looks like something that could kill you in the sea.

The things we come up with to have fun. Ha ha.


House Moving

It's a dread to move house. There is so much to pack, so many decisions of what to keep, what not to (in the end, I keep most and decide that I will only throw those that can't fit into my new room). Here's a picture of my room now....

My hurricane-runned-through room

My brother's room.

Boxes and boxes of books and more books!

Yet, it's kind of exciting. New place, new view, new facilities, the beach nearby, Parkway Parade down the road, Kenny's house just opposite. I was just thinking about my mixed feelings of moving, together with losing all my photos. I can sort of imagine how the residents who were relocated due to Singapore's early conservation efforts in places like Chinatown and Kampong Glam, must feel. The unsettling feeling of losing that which is familiar, that which is so much part of your memories.

It's not that you lose a part of yourself, but rather, you fear the loss of those memories. The memories that are precious to you. Losing them, would mean losing something that was once part of your life. And for people who have lost a dear friend or family, the feeling is more real than ever.

I believe memories are important to preserve. And more should be done to do it sensitively in a economically driven nation such as Singapore.

However, I have also learnt that there is a need to move on with life. I remember this quote, "Live your life as if it is your last day." Would you worry about all these if today was your last day on the earth? Probably not. If you were to see your life on the earth as but a tiny fraction of your life in eternity, then you realise that while memories are important, they are never really lost, neither will you be able to bring your photos and stuff along with you when you physically die.

I suddenly realise a little more what Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 16:24, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me." If Jesus were to ask me to drop everything today and go where He says, would I be ready to do so? Matthew 8:18-22 talks about the cost of following Jesus. "Let the dead bury the dead" he says. Indeed, to follow Him at all cost is a tough call. Yet, when you have experienced the reality of God in your life, it is not too difficult a decision to make. Do you know this Jesus that I am willing to give up all for? Go find out today.


Inspiring Craftsmanship from the Master Creator

I visited "The Art Of Cartier" Exhibition with a friend last Friday. (Cartier is the renowned French jeweler whose creations transcend jewellery into intricate pieces of art.) We happened to walk in after I remembered Hann reminding me to check out the Shigeru Ban pavilion and the new NSM extension designed by Mok Wei Wei opposite it at the re-opened National Museum of Singapore. I must say, the exhibition was literally breath-taking. For one, it is absolutely free. Yup, you don't have to pay anything to get in! Just be sure not to take anything out. All that glitter is not gold, but diamonds. And judging by the amount of diamonds in there, I bet there are invisible snipers aimed at everyone of us who go in (thought I saw a few red dots flying around).

Anyway, I wanted to say something about craftsmanship. What struck me about the exhibition was firstly the way the place was set up. Using ordinary bricks, each piece was stacked up in a diagonal interlocking manner that created an intricate backdrop for the jewels to be exhibited. The beauty of that was it was so intricately laid out, you kind of have the feeling that each brick was exquisitely placed there and belonged there. The same and more could be said about each jewellery. The fine attention to detail and the brilliantly creative ways the diamonds were laid out to form pieces of art to beholdm, spoke of a craftmanship that was par excellence.

I knew this could only come with a commitment of passion and dedication to years of practice and refinement. I was inspired. I thought about what kind of architect I wanted to be and I hope I can be one that reflects such skill and craftsmanship. Recently, I came across a few youtube performances of artistes whom I consider as craftsman of their own art. They are brilliant performers who constantly redefine creativity. Here they are.

A pity most of these songs tend to talk about wanting to have sex. Now, if there was an artiste who had such craftsmanship as these and wrote songs with healthier lyrics that still blew your mind, but in a less "I'm sexy you are sexy, let's get it on" way and a more "You are special, life's an adventure, live it to your fullest" kind of way, wouldn't that be just powerful?

As a Chrisitan, I am inspired to hone the craft and giftings that God has given me so that I can point more people to Him. The Bible tells us that all good gifts come from God. Isn't it only responsible then, that we make sure we live out these talents with a level of craftsmanship that reflects the genius of our master creator? Start today.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The LITTLE frustrations of life...

It's been terrible. First, I discover to my horror of horrors, that my Achi Year 3 Final Project digital files are missing from any of my digital stroage drives. That was one of my favourite projects and one which I put much effort into. I left my home this morning, instructing windows to do a search of all the drives for those precious files.

And when I thought that the worst had hit me, I came home and while trying to access my external harddisk, I see this message:- "ERROR. Drive is unreadable or corrupted.".............................................................

What can I say.... All my photos are in there. Let me say that again, ALL MY PHOTOS I HAVE EVER TAKEN IN THE LAST 6 YEARS of my life are in there!!!!!! Together with many other important stuff! No more australia photos, Lijiang photos, Chongqing photos, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Shanghai, Beijing, Haerbin, Hanzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai exchange, Hangzhou, Great Wall of China, Tribe meetings, Tribe outings, Tribe camps, G12 Conferences, Friends' Birthday, MAAN, React, NYF, etc etc etc etc etc. All the memories. Gone.

I am praying for a miracle. These are really important to me. I think I might not be able to sleep tonight. WHY?!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 06, 2006

A panda writes....

I came across this cartoon while look through one of my friend's youtube favourites. I liked it straight away. It has everything I look for in a good show. Humor, cool effects and a good storyline! I started watching one and could not help searching for all the rest of the episodes trying to piece together the story until now! Ha ha... No wonder I have started to look like a panda recently. I think the animation teaches many good values that we can learn from - Learning to see the best in people, believing in the potential that one has (in God) and being like what God demonstrated for us in Nehemiah 9:17 - slow to anger and abounding in love.
Here's Part 1 of the latest episode of Avatar. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I have always been fascinated by cartoons and animes that have a certain "fantasy" element to them. They make me dream about what could be and amazes me at how limitless our imagination is. I used to have dreams when I was young, about myself being a silver hawk (the cartoon) or just being able to fly like superman. There was even one where I walked down the side of my flat from the 25th storey to retrieve a toy fire engine that my brother threw down!

But more than the fantasy dreams, I am reminded that I personally know a God who is even more imaginative and creative than all these! After all, He is the one who gave us the ability to start imagining in the first place! I always wonder what heaven would be like, since God is the ultimate creator. I have a hunch that it would be surprisingly breathless beyond our human imagination. Isn't that great?! Anyway, speaking about cartoons, here's a link (Part1 | Part 2) to a collection of old cartoon opening sequences that my brother compiled. Enjoy getting nostalgic. :)


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Punkster, Photographer, Parchitect, Politician?

There is so much to update, yet, I really feel very lazy to type leh. Ha ha. Here goes. Since the first round of the Young Preachers' Contest, I don't think i have said very much about my experience. Well, as you would have known, I did get in to the 2nd round via a wildcard entry. The 2nd round, I made sure I spent more time preparing and rehearsing. So, although I didn't finally make it to the finals, I enjoyed the preaching a lot more. I was more confident, more prepared, and definitely more convincing. Ha ha. The judges thought it was so much better than the last time round and liked a lot of what I did. Well, I realised the last time I felt really lousy after not getting in intially, was because I didn't think I gave my best. This time round, I did and knowing that made it a whole complete experience for me! Anyways, here are my 2 videos from the 2 rounds of preaching.



Some of you know that I was involved in this program with the National Youth Council called the National Youth Forum 2006. Last thursday marked the finale of the entire forum, though we still have our community projects to complete. This forum was initiated by NYC to give youths a platform to discuss issues close to their heart, and to have an opportunity to talk and dialogue with ministers and others who are involved in creating the policies that affect us in Singapore. All in all, it has been a really enriching and mind-stimulating time for me in this forum. The theme for this forum, "Take the lead, Be the change" was something that I connected with instantly and could share with the rest of the participants. I would strongly encourage anyone to join it if you are interested. The exposure and insight it gave me was tremendous. Check out my pic and my write-up here. My group's name is called Kulu Melingyu by the way. The name is actually a combination of 4 languages. (We belong to the multi-culturalism and multi-racialism group) See if you can guess what it means. Ha ha.

Anyway, the Finale was a blast and I got to wield my trusty old Canon Powershot G3 once again. Check out the power shots. Heh.

By the way, the food was excellent. The desserts were good to look at and even better to eat.

Look again and you will realise that the last dessert is really from Bakerzin. One of my favourites actually. We went there for a little while after the whole finale ended and I treated Kenneth and Ami to dessert and Evian. :)

Yups, the desserts look really good. But the main highlight for me that night was listening to Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan give his views on our projects. This is one man who is both perceptive and visionary. Though he spent all of 15 min talking to us, they WERE 15 min of gems. I asked myself if I could ine day inspire and influence others the way he did to me today. Why not?

How do I get there? I think it starts with having the right attitude towards learning. Always learn, from all situations and all circumstances. Make it what you breathe and what you eat. Never think yourself higher than someone else. There is always something we can learn from someone else. Finally, know your maker. I believe the only way we can live our life to its fullest is to know the person who created us, who fashioned us in each unique way. He alone knows how we can become the best of our potential. He alone knows. You have only one life. Live it intentionally.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"I like to make pancakes, they are so very tasty."

Remember the MacDonald's advertisement that went "Wake up, to a happy sound, Yumma yumma yum, Yumma yum yum yum..." Ha ha, it never failed to wake me up to a fresh start in the morning. There's something about tacky advertisement jingles that clings on to you and make you hum them all day. Here's one I found on Youtube. Not really Mac's hotcakes, but a no less groovy and singable jingle that will keep you humming all day. Check it out!

On the topic of wacky stuff that you just can't get enough of, ever heard of Edward Monkton? Well, his series of cards and greetings are just completely hilarious. The line drawings are simple, yet honest and starckly in your face. The humour doesn't make sense, yet it does. I love it. Here's a sampling.


On to some other innovative stuff that might actually make a difference in your work productivity. Check out this software called Photobot. Photobot's website sings this beautiful tune,

Photobot is the world's first Zero-Click picture correction software.
He's always on, searching your computer for photos from your digital camera. As soon as he finds them, he goes to work making your bad pictures good and your good pictures great!

Photobot's Zero-Click technology means you'll never need to read a manual, never need to learn software, and never need to hit a button ever again.

Yup! What this software does is it runs in your windows background and automatically corrects your photos for you! Now, you can save time on all those post-production late into the night and early mornings and learn to make some pancakes! I'm not too sure how effective this really is and wonder what it does to your mood shots and whether it is system resource heavy. I'll try it out and let you know in a while. If you are interested, try out the beta here while it is still free!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

How much is that camera by the window? "Snap, snap!"

In the world of digital cameras and photography, size does matter. Take a look at the different offerings from the major digicam players in the market right now and you will see the megapixel race in full swing. It used to be WOW if you had a 4 MP camera 4 years ago. Now, many prosumer and even some point and shoot digital compacts are reaching the 10, 10.1, 10.2 MP mark. Give it 5 more years and we could reach 20MP? You think? How about 160 Megapixels? Today.

Presenting you the Seitz 6x17 panorama camera. It creates a high resolution 6x17 digital image (160 million pixels) in one second, has ISO up to 10,000, a read-out speed of 300MB per second, and a shutter speed of 1/20,000th second!!!!! Now, am I crazy or will that probably add up to a 1Gb filesize! Not that Seitz is too worried about that. The 6x17 comes with a "state of the art computer system" which is really a Mac mini core that will store all your 160MP pictures among other things. Nope, ordinary CF media that the rest of us normal human beings use will not quite cut it. Muahahahaha. And speaking about size, this baby is one monster of a camera! Check out the picture! Now, if only it shot plasma rays out of it too... hmmm...

Well, if you are thinking of getting one for yourself at your friendly neighbourhood camera shop, make sure you bring extra change. This thing is going to cost you man. More accurately, 45,500 Swiss francs ($36,266) for the "mobile version" and 42,300 Swiss francs ($33,715) for the "studio version". Better start saving today. :)

Read more of the 6x17 at Engadget, and Seitz.


Super Printer in 2 Years???

Have you ever noticed the difference between an inkjet and a laserjet? Well, I have. I know really well that if you need to print out your 10,000 word dissertation in high quality, you had better do it on a laser printer unless you have 30-45 min to spare and are not rushing for the 4pm dateline. While inkjet printers have become the household staple in printing due to its lower cost per page and much better quality than 10 years ago (especially for printing your own photographs), speed has always been its archilles heel.

Well, all these is set to change if 2 Isreali researchers have their way about it. Imagine an inkjet printer that prints 1,000 pages per minute! Yes, that was no typo error. I do mean one thousand. Moshe Einat and Nissim Einat from The College of Judea and Samaria in Israe have come up with a new type of inkjet printer dubbed the JeTrix, which they hope will be to the inkjet printer what the ink-jet was to dot-matrix devices. Einat, described his invention as being "like an 'ink-emitting screen,'" in the sense that ink would flow point by point -- and all at once -- instead of waiting for the cartridge to fully scan line by line -- theoretically reaching a speed of 1,000 pages in a single minute.

He continues, “The JeTrix project is still in an early stage. The concept was proofed in a laboratory prototype, but we expect that a commercial product will be ready after two years of development, which will include additional funding and product engineering.”

Well, let's keep our fingers crossed. Wouldn't it be great to be able to print out your photos in all its full colour glory in just... 1 minute? A4 size that is. I can't wait.

Read the full report here.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

between you and me

I am currently doing a project with my good friend and long time classmate. We are creating a 2 min experimental video for NUS Architecture that will be part of a montage of videos shown during this year's New Year Countdown at Esplanade. While researching for ideas and inspiration, we came across this short film by Patryk Rebisz. The introduction of the film went like this -

"This short film is made up of over 2000 still photographs stitched together to form movement."

I thought it was a really nice idea and an unusual one too. The effect of movement is really quite different. Interesting. Here it is.

Click to play


Saturday, September 16, 2006

My BIG Move

Some of you know that I will be moving house soon. Well, renovations are almost completed and we will most likely be making the big move on 21 Oct 06. You are welcomed to join us in our moving if you are free. Ha ha ha. So that's just a blatant way to say, "We need help, can you?"

Well seriously, I have grown quite attached to my old place and the SIZE of it. I will miss the pool side, the BBQ pits, the peaceful walk from the MRT back home... yes I will miss the MRT. Yet, I am excited about the new place that we are moving into. I look forward to the olympic size pool, the proximity to the beach and the straight bus to parkway parade! Ha ha.

We have so many things to pack and fit into our new home, I think it will take weeks before we let any guests in to visit us. So in the meanwhile, here are some teasers shots to whet your appetite. Enjoy.



Thursday, September 14, 2006

A God of 2nd Chances

Look what came in my email 2 days ago...

Hi Young Preachers,
The following candidates are advancing to the second round of the Young Preacher's Contest.



YouthNet Tribe

Sebastian Teo (A)

Roland Lee

Alvin Lim (A)

Lawrence Tan

Joshua Chu (B)

Jeffrey Lee

Dalston Pung (B)

Adrian Ong

Zhou Qi (C)

William Loke

Keng San (C)

Chua Seng Lee

Lee Sing Ai (D)

Rachel Lee

Michelle Yong (D)

Serene Ang

Cindy Lee (D)

Josephine Chua

Eunice Lim (E)

Serene Ang

Tammy Tan (E)

Yolanda Lim

Teh Jen Lee (E)

Rachel Lee

Lam Wai Mun

Poh Yeang Cherng

Joshua Teo

Chua Seng Lee

I SERIOUSLY had NO idea. What a surprise! A pleasant one that is! Ok, for those of you who were in the know, I was taking part in this preaching contest at my church but fdid not make it to Round 2. However, the judges did announce that there will be 2 wildcard entries and guess what? I Got one of them! Well, I must say, I am very humbled. I had a listen to some of the other preachers today on Youtube and I must say I was impressed with many of them - even those who did not make it to the 2nd round.

Well, I thank God for 2nd chances. I will not promise anyone that I will get into the Final Round. But I WILL promise you that I will preach my heart out the way God has wired me to. I think I forgot to thank everyone who supported me last round. Here's BIG thank you. I appreciated it tremendously. Well, here are the details for Round 2 of the preaching contest which will be held on 24 Sep 06.

"The challenge this round is to preach a 7-min message for BAPTISM. Preachers may use any passage of scripture for their message."

Anyone interested to support me??? :)


Pleasing the One Above

Image Hosted by

Ok, so that's rather gruesome. But for the past month or so, that sort of summarises how I felt for the most part of it. Yup, we are requried to write a dissertation as part of our final year in architecture at NUS. It is basically a 10, 000 word research paper that is meant to test us on our ability to carry out a personal investigation on a particular topic of interest and to present our findings and conclusions in an intelligent academic paper. And yes, there were times I felt just like that person in the animation.

Well, after months of agonising and frustrating over my dissertation, I finally get to hand it in this Friday. Except that I won't. Thing is, I didn't do a proper job at it. My supervisor recommended me for IP (In Progress) status, meaning to take an extra semester next academic year to complete it. That can be quite terrifyingly painful especially when you realise that you will actually have to pay the school an extra sem's worth of fees just for 5 weeks in school! (submission is 5 weeks into Sem 1.) And especially when the money is your parent's.

The past few days, I have been thinking about all the possible things $3500 can buy - a few Canon L lenses, a Yamaha S90 keyboard, my driving lessons until I pass, a trip to Europe for 3 weeks, a superfast computer with LCD flatscreen, a Canon 30D and the list goes on.

Seriously, I did badly this time. And this mistake is going to cost. But I have learnt my lesson from this experience. I realised that I give up too easily. That I give myself excuses because of how I feel about doing things. I allow my "feeling" to determine how and when I should work. I learnt that it is very neccessary to discipline your mind to DO IT instead of relying on how I feel. I guess that could be what the Bible meant when it said in Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

Not that I feel a need to explain to everyone what has happened or am trying to reach some sort of catharsis through a public confession of sorts. The thing is, I really struggled through this. I struggled to spend time on it, I struggled to borrow the necessary books, I struggled to sit down and start writing. Until it was too late. Then, having no choice, I forced myself to come up with some half-baked product that I am glad my tutor recognised as "a good journalistic piece, but not an academic paper". He was being nice.

I guess the reason I am writing this all out is because I know we all have dreams. And we will stumble and fall and not reach high enough while reaching for that star. DO NOT GIVE UP. You must not. Make sure you do better the next time. Pick yourself up and push forward. You CAN because you were created to do great things! But you CANNOT do it with your own confidence and your own strength. It is IMPOSSIBLE. The Bible does share with us a little secret though. It tells us, "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

If there was one thing I have learnt in the past years, it is that I am really nothing except for the grace of God. The beautiful thing is, in Him, I am everything! Delighting in the Lord means to seek His approval above all things. Above the approval of man, above the approval of society, above the approval of your boss, and especially, above the approval of your self!

And so I will soldier on, finding my confidence in Him again. I will do better the next time. But I do it only to please the one above. That's all that matters.