Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"I like to make pancakes, they are so very tasty."

Remember the MacDonald's advertisement that went "Wake up, to a happy sound, Yumma yumma yum, Yumma yum yum yum..." Ha ha, it never failed to wake me up to a fresh start in the morning. There's something about tacky advertisement jingles that clings on to you and make you hum them all day. Here's one I found on Youtube. Not really Mac's hotcakes, but a no less groovy and singable jingle that will keep you humming all day. Check it out!

On the topic of wacky stuff that you just can't get enough of, ever heard of Edward Monkton? Well, his series of cards and greetings are just completely hilarious. The line drawings are simple, yet honest and starckly in your face. The humour doesn't make sense, yet it does. I love it. Here's a sampling.


On to some other innovative stuff that might actually make a difference in your work productivity. Check out this software called Photobot. Photobot's website sings this beautiful tune,

Photobot is the world's first Zero-Click picture correction software.
He's always on, searching your computer for photos from your digital camera. As soon as he finds them, he goes to work making your bad pictures good and your good pictures great!

Photobot's Zero-Click technology means you'll never need to read a manual, never need to learn software, and never need to hit a button ever again.

Yup! What this software does is it runs in your windows background and automatically corrects your photos for you! Now, you can save time on all those post-production late into the night and early mornings and learn to make some pancakes! I'm not too sure how effective this really is and wonder what it does to your mood shots and whether it is system resource heavy. I'll try it out and let you know in a while. If you are interested, try out the beta here while it is still free!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

How much is that camera by the window? "Snap, snap!"

In the world of digital cameras and photography, size does matter. Take a look at the different offerings from the major digicam players in the market right now and you will see the megapixel race in full swing. It used to be WOW if you had a 4 MP camera 4 years ago. Now, many prosumer and even some point and shoot digital compacts are reaching the 10, 10.1, 10.2 MP mark. Give it 5 more years and we could reach 20MP? You think? How about 160 Megapixels? Today.

Presenting you the Seitz 6x17 panorama camera. It creates a high resolution 6x17 digital image (160 million pixels) in one second, has ISO up to 10,000, a read-out speed of 300MB per second, and a shutter speed of 1/20,000th second!!!!! Now, am I crazy or will that probably add up to a 1Gb filesize! Not that Seitz is too worried about that. The 6x17 comes with a "state of the art computer system" which is really a Mac mini core that will store all your 160MP pictures among other things. Nope, ordinary CF media that the rest of us normal human beings use will not quite cut it. Muahahahaha. And speaking about size, this baby is one monster of a camera! Check out the picture! Now, if only it shot plasma rays out of it too... hmmm...

Well, if you are thinking of getting one for yourself at your friendly neighbourhood camera shop, make sure you bring extra change. This thing is going to cost you man. More accurately, 45,500 Swiss francs ($36,266) for the "mobile version" and 42,300 Swiss francs ($33,715) for the "studio version". Better start saving today. :)

Read more of the 6x17 at Engadget, and Seitz.


Super Printer in 2 Years???

Have you ever noticed the difference between an inkjet and a laserjet? Well, I have. I know really well that if you need to print out your 10,000 word dissertation in high quality, you had better do it on a laser printer unless you have 30-45 min to spare and are not rushing for the 4pm dateline. While inkjet printers have become the household staple in printing due to its lower cost per page and much better quality than 10 years ago (especially for printing your own photographs), speed has always been its archilles heel.

Well, all these is set to change if 2 Isreali researchers have their way about it. Imagine an inkjet printer that prints 1,000 pages per minute! Yes, that was no typo error. I do mean one thousand. Moshe Einat and Nissim Einat from The College of Judea and Samaria in Israe have come up with a new type of inkjet printer dubbed the JeTrix, which they hope will be to the inkjet printer what the ink-jet was to dot-matrix devices. Einat, described his invention as being "like an 'ink-emitting screen,'" in the sense that ink would flow point by point -- and all at once -- instead of waiting for the cartridge to fully scan line by line -- theoretically reaching a speed of 1,000 pages in a single minute.

He continues, “The JeTrix project is still in an early stage. The concept was proofed in a laboratory prototype, but we expect that a commercial product will be ready after two years of development, which will include additional funding and product engineering.”

Well, let's keep our fingers crossed. Wouldn't it be great to be able to print out your photos in all its full colour glory in just... 1 minute? A4 size that is. I can't wait.

Read the full report here.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

between you and me

I am currently doing a project with my good friend and long time classmate. We are creating a 2 min experimental video for NUS Architecture that will be part of a montage of videos shown during this year's New Year Countdown at Esplanade. While researching for ideas and inspiration, we came across this short film by Patryk Rebisz. The introduction of the film went like this -

"This short film is made up of over 2000 still photographs stitched together to form movement."

I thought it was a really nice idea and an unusual one too. The effect of movement is really quite different. Interesting. Here it is.

Click to play


Saturday, September 16, 2006

My BIG Move

Some of you know that I will be moving house soon. Well, renovations are almost completed and we will most likely be making the big move on 21 Oct 06. You are welcomed to join us in our moving if you are free. Ha ha ha. So that's just a blatant way to say, "We need help, can you?"

Well seriously, I have grown quite attached to my old place and the SIZE of it. I will miss the pool side, the BBQ pits, the peaceful walk from the MRT back home... yes I will miss the MRT. Yet, I am excited about the new place that we are moving into. I look forward to the olympic size pool, the proximity to the beach and the straight bus to parkway parade! Ha ha.

We have so many things to pack and fit into our new home, I think it will take weeks before we let any guests in to visit us. So in the meanwhile, here are some teasers shots to whet your appetite. Enjoy.



Thursday, September 14, 2006

A God of 2nd Chances

Look what came in my email 2 days ago...

Hi Young Preachers,
The following candidates are advancing to the second round of the Young Preacher's Contest.



YouthNet Tribe

Sebastian Teo (A)

Roland Lee

Alvin Lim (A)

Lawrence Tan

Joshua Chu (B)

Jeffrey Lee

Dalston Pung (B)

Adrian Ong

Zhou Qi (C)

William Loke

Keng San (C)

Chua Seng Lee

Lee Sing Ai (D)

Rachel Lee

Michelle Yong (D)

Serene Ang

Cindy Lee (D)

Josephine Chua

Eunice Lim (E)

Serene Ang

Tammy Tan (E)

Yolanda Lim

Teh Jen Lee (E)

Rachel Lee

Lam Wai Mun

Poh Yeang Cherng

Joshua Teo

Chua Seng Lee

I SERIOUSLY had NO idea. What a surprise! A pleasant one that is! Ok, for those of you who were in the know, I was taking part in this preaching contest at my church but fdid not make it to Round 2. However, the judges did announce that there will be 2 wildcard entries and guess what? I Got one of them! Well, I must say, I am very humbled. I had a listen to some of the other preachers today on Youtube and I must say I was impressed with many of them - even those who did not make it to the 2nd round.

Well, I thank God for 2nd chances. I will not promise anyone that I will get into the Final Round. But I WILL promise you that I will preach my heart out the way God has wired me to. I think I forgot to thank everyone who supported me last round. Here's BIG thank you. I appreciated it tremendously. Well, here are the details for Round 2 of the preaching contest which will be held on 24 Sep 06.

"The challenge this round is to preach a 7-min message for BAPTISM. Preachers may use any passage of scripture for their message."

Anyone interested to support me??? :)


Pleasing the One Above

Image Hosted by

Ok, so that's rather gruesome. But for the past month or so, that sort of summarises how I felt for the most part of it. Yup, we are requried to write a dissertation as part of our final year in architecture at NUS. It is basically a 10, 000 word research paper that is meant to test us on our ability to carry out a personal investigation on a particular topic of interest and to present our findings and conclusions in an intelligent academic paper. And yes, there were times I felt just like that person in the animation.

Well, after months of agonising and frustrating over my dissertation, I finally get to hand it in this Friday. Except that I won't. Thing is, I didn't do a proper job at it. My supervisor recommended me for IP (In Progress) status, meaning to take an extra semester next academic year to complete it. That can be quite terrifyingly painful especially when you realise that you will actually have to pay the school an extra sem's worth of fees just for 5 weeks in school! (submission is 5 weeks into Sem 1.) And especially when the money is your parent's.

The past few days, I have been thinking about all the possible things $3500 can buy - a few Canon L lenses, a Yamaha S90 keyboard, my driving lessons until I pass, a trip to Europe for 3 weeks, a superfast computer with LCD flatscreen, a Canon 30D and the list goes on.

Seriously, I did badly this time. And this mistake is going to cost. But I have learnt my lesson from this experience. I realised that I give up too easily. That I give myself excuses because of how I feel about doing things. I allow my "feeling" to determine how and when I should work. I learnt that it is very neccessary to discipline your mind to DO IT instead of relying on how I feel. I guess that could be what the Bible meant when it said in Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

Not that I feel a need to explain to everyone what has happened or am trying to reach some sort of catharsis through a public confession of sorts. The thing is, I really struggled through this. I struggled to spend time on it, I struggled to borrow the necessary books, I struggled to sit down and start writing. Until it was too late. Then, having no choice, I forced myself to come up with some half-baked product that I am glad my tutor recognised as "a good journalistic piece, but not an academic paper". He was being nice.

I guess the reason I am writing this all out is because I know we all have dreams. And we will stumble and fall and not reach high enough while reaching for that star. DO NOT GIVE UP. You must not. Make sure you do better the next time. Pick yourself up and push forward. You CAN because you were created to do great things! But you CANNOT do it with your own confidence and your own strength. It is IMPOSSIBLE. The Bible does share with us a little secret though. It tells us, "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

If there was one thing I have learnt in the past years, it is that I am really nothing except for the grace of God. The beautiful thing is, in Him, I am everything! Delighting in the Lord means to seek His approval above all things. Above the approval of man, above the approval of society, above the approval of your boss, and especially, above the approval of your self!

And so I will soldier on, finding my confidence in Him again. I will do better the next time. But I do it only to please the one above. That's all that matters.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Raining Apples!!!

It's Showtime! as Steve Jobs brings us more Apple goodies at his keynote speech at the Yerba Buena Center in downtown San Francisco.

#1. The new iPod
:: 60% brighter display
:: gapless playback
:: instant search
:: plays games
:: 6.5 Hours video

:: and it's cheaper!
(price in USD)

#2. 2nd Generation iPod Nano
:: thinner alumninum case
:: 5 colors
:: 40 % brighter display
:: 24 hour battery

#3. 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle
:: tiny - world's smallest mp3 player
:: square
:: aluminium
:: built-in clip
:: 1Gb

#4. iTunes ver 7
:: updated navigation interface
:: new View switch
:: 640 x 480 TV shows
:: great sync capabilities
:: MOVIES download



#5. iTV (out Q1 2007)
:: 802.11 wireless
:: USB2
:: Ethernet
:: HDMI connector for all new big-screen flat panel TVs
:: component video (RGB)
:: analog audio RCA jacks
:: optical audio
:: controled with familiar white remote
:: Hooks directly to screen,
or to set-top box as another input,
or to receiver.

Check out the full report at Engadget or see for yourself at Apple.
All photos and info were taken from the Engadget website.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Apple A Day Keeps The Humour Very Much Around

Out of the Box Angel/Devil Trust Mac Viruses Work vs. Home Accident WSJ iLife
Click here for more mac madness.

The above are some mac advertisements that will crack you up for sure.
Not too sure if Microsoft will be too happy though.
Ha ha ha.
I really enjoyed them.
Hope you do too.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Steve Irwin Special on Australian TV

Australia’s Ch7 TV
Today Tonight Program ran a special on Steve Irwin on Tuesday night. Check out the program to find out more about why this man is considered one of Australia's favoursite sons. There is also more information on stingrays and how Steve's death was a freak accident more than anything.

Part 2 of the TV special can be watched here.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


2 years ago in Oct, a few archi friends and I took a trip to Pulau Tioman for a mid-semester getaway. It was one of the best times we had together. 2 years later, I still see most of them at lecture in school. In these 2 years, many things have changed. Our lives are different, many things we did not expect have happened, but life goes on. Here's a small tribute to my bunch of crazy friends (not limited to these photos) at the school of architecture in NUS. Here's to many more years of passion and discovery and learning. :)


Between The Dreaming And The Coming True

The above is Bebo Norman's
latest album "BETWEEN THE DREAMING AND THE COMING TRUE" out on the 19th of Sep! Now for those of you who are clueless who this guy is, it's time you got aquainted with him. This is one of my favourite christian contemporary singers. He writes the most beautiful and uplifting lyrics and his music paints such wonderful pictures you could almost imagine them coming to life in your head. This is no DC Talk or Jars of Clay but trust me, listen for a while and I am sure you will be ministered to by his songs. Don't say I didn't warn you if you find yourself going out to buy all his albums. Ha ha. Enjoy.

You can listen to some of the songs from this new album here:


Monday, September 04, 2006

Breaking News - Crocodile Hunter Dies

Steve, with his wife, Terri

The world has lost one of its best and much loved Australian wildlife activist, Steve Irwin.

CBS reports that Steve Irwin, the Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition, Australian media said. He was 44.

Irwin was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Queensland state when the accident occurred, Sydney's The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its Web site.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. said Irwin was diving near Low Isles near the resort town of Port Douglas, about 1,260 miles north of Brisbane.

A helicopter carrying paramedics flew to the island, but he died from a stingray barb to the heart, ABC reported on its Web site.

Telephone calls to Australia Zoo, Irwin's zoo in southern Queensland, were not immediately answered.

Irwin is famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catch cry "Crikey!" in his television program "Crocodile Hunter," which was first broadcast in Australia in 1992 and has aired around the world on the Discovery channel.

He rode his image into a feature film, and developed the Australia Zoo as a tourist attraction.

USA Today also reported that

Irwin was also seen as a vocal critic of wildlife hunts in Australia. The federal government recently dropped plans to allow crocodile safaris for wealthy tourists in the Northern Territory following his vehement objections.

Irwin told the Australian television program A Current Affair that "killing one of our beautiful animals in the name of trophy hunting will have a very negative impact on tourism, which scares the living daylights out of me."

He is survived by his American wife Terri, from Oregon, and their daughter Bindi Sue, 8, and son Bob, who will turn 3 in December.

That's kind of sad isn't it? Truth is. every time I watch his show, I think to myself... This guy places himself in danger so often, one day he is going to run out of lives. And what a way to die too - a sting to the heart by a stingray. I'm going to miss his infectious passion from all the Crocodile Hunter and Australian wildlife shows. My reflection on this piece of news? Think twice before jumping out of a plane, swimming with deadly stingrays or any other andrenaline pumping but life-threatening stunts. Especially if you have a wife and 2 kids. You owe it to them.

There is this message running acorss the msn network, asking people to place a turtle icon - (tu) on their message board in respect of a great man. Steve will be missed.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Cloudy Perspective

Clouds and back-lit subjects never cease to amaze me with their dramatic potential. These are photos that I took in Australia when I was there on 2 trips. Yes, if you have been there before, you will know the sky there is a most beautiful blue. I've decided to focus on the natural beauty of clouds this time and see how they add different character to a shot depending on their shape and type. As you can see for yourself, there are endless possibilities. Thank God for clouds. Enjoy. :)