Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Which Way, Lord?"

I was looking through some of my Shanghai photos and decided to post a few. Not your typical ones though. Yes, Shanghai was home to me for 6 months when I was there on a student exchange program.
Recently I had the chance to talk to 2 friends who might be going overseas for at least a year. In the process, I got to share with them my o
wn experience in Shanghai. One of the things I discovered about Christian living then was that the BEING of a Christian was more important than the DOING. One of my prayers in Shanghai was, "Lord, tell me what you have brought me here for, so that I can do my all to accomplish that." Not a totally wrong prayer to make, except that I learnt that I was looking for the wrong answers. God was not so much concerned with the form of how I led my life than the principle by which I led it. Sometimes in life, God's answer to our prayers of "Which way, Lord?" is not a right or wrong but a right and a right. But what distinguishes the person who knows the Lord's heart is when he knows how to live his life reflecting the glory of God no matter which "right" he decides on. And by reflecting the glory of God, the Bible really means living a life of compassion, full of grace and mercy. Cheers!


Friday, October 14, 2005

Desaru Half-Ironman 2005

As most of you would now know, I went as photographer, not as participant. But I left telling myself that I want to give a go at the OSIM sprint tri next year. Yes, I am declaring THIS to all of you so you can hold me to my word. I shall put down a truck load of bug fries as collateral. If I don't make it next year, you can all enjoy a swim in the bug fries. Any way, I have new-found respect for my brother and Josh, watching them finish the half ironman. Enjoy the pics.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pictures from National Day 2005

These are pictures I took at the National Day Parade this year. I went with my Dad, tickets courtesy of my brother. I think we had a fun time. It's good to be able to hang out with family.

Anyway, I will be constantly posting pictures of past events cos I t
hink I owe many people pictures that I promised I will post online but never got down to doing it for one reason or another. So, if you start wondering why I seem to be talking about events long past, it's not because I'm in a different time zone. Enjoy :)

Flying High - Proud to be a Singaporean

A really adorable Malay kid enjoying the parade.

NDP motivators from ITE.

Familiar Faces

Colour Party - Josh is the one in the middle front.

3 copters and a flag.

Aero Acrobatics

Hope For a Brighter Future

More familiar faces.

Cheers to all those who made it a succesful celebration.

Got me thinking... The skyline from Padang does look really awesome.
Perhaps we could have our very own youth evangelistic concert here some day.
No one said we couldn't dream big right? :)


Once more for Quidam

A pity no photos were allowed inside.
The blue and yellow striped tents caught my eye though.
Hmm.. don't the colours remind you of Tiger Beer?


Sunday Surprise

Quidam in Singapore

It was simply spectecular!



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