Monday, February 18, 2008

A Dose of Steve Spangler Craziness

Well, it's certainly been a long time since I updated. Here are some things that have caught my eye and in some way, inspire me recently.

Steve Spangler teaches teachers, and people in general, how to create unforgettable learning experiences with humor and attention-grabbing science demonstrations. He has appeared on the Ellen Show 3 times and each time he never fails to bring out the fun and excitement in learning more about science. My favourite is the Vortex Ring Air Blaster. Check out his website for more info! If only science lessons in our schools were this interesting. You know what, they can be! If any of you teachers out there are reading this, let's hear your thoughts in the comments page. Are we being too idealistic about this? Is Steve's idea and approach towards science education too impractical and impossible to implement in our schools? (wow, I actually managed 2 'im's in a roll!) I think not. What say you?

Check out Steve's appearance on the Ellen Show here and here.