Saturday, July 05, 2008

Great friends are priceless

Friends, they make all the difference in this world. When you are down and out and feeling like you are walking through the deepest darkest valley of your life, these are the people who help to shine some light on the path ahead with their encouragement and support. That light might not exactly be the one at the end of the tunnel, but it is all you need to keep you going. Some of you know that I had did not clear my final year thesis for the second time. It was a little hard to swallow the reality of it when I saw my results slip. I was discouraged, disappointed and frankly, just really tired. A dear friend helped put together the above video to encourage me and remind me that there were people around me who believed in me and are supporting me through it all. To Meiqi and all who took time to record down your encouragements, and the rest of you who encouraged me in your own little ways, I am thankful and encouraged. Thanks for the love shown. :)


Photo Essay: "A Certain Comfort in Freedom"

There is a certain comfort and freedom to do the most outrageous things when we are kids. Somehow we know that our mum or dad will be nearby to make things ok again if anything went wrong. We throw caution and safety to the wind and go on the most daring adventures. As we grow up, we learn to take less risks and stay within the comforts of our usual routines. That does not need to be so. I believe that accountability to close friends and personal mentors liberates us and gives us the wings to fly again.