Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heroes Season 3 returns with a vengeance!

I've always been an avid follower of Heroes, the TV series. After Season 2 was abruptly cut short due to the writer's strike in the US, Season 3 returns stronger than before with a much tighter script, more action and plenty of surprises to keep you at the edge of your seats! What more can you expect with a theme like "Villians"? Heroes Television gives one of the best update of Season 3 with many spoilers to whet your appetite for more. Some interesting revelations in Season 3 include the return of Ali Larter as Tracy Strauss, the last and still surviving triplet sister of Niki and Jessica. We also hear of a certain the "Big Bad" who might turn out to be the ultimate baddy so far! There is also Level 5, a place in "The Company" where many villians with extraordinary powers are kept imprisoned until Sylar frees them. With the different characters starting to take sides against each other, it's really starting to sound like X-men on TV, only this is infinitely better. Enjoy the promo trailer if you haven't!

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